Family donates four vehicles in three years to St John

7:33 am on 11 July 2019

A family has donated an ambulance to St John - the fourth time they have made such a donation in three years.

Laura and George Chan.

Laura and George Chan. Photo: Supplied.

Auckland couple George and Laura Chan donated an ambulance and a rapid response vehicle in 2016.

Inspired by their actions, George's younger brother Anthony, who lives in Hong Kong, donated another ambulance last year.

Now they have all pulled together to make this latest donation.

All the vehicles have been dedicated to their late father Hon Yin Chan, who told them to help others.

A St John regional trust board member Dr Andrew Zhu said each vehicle could save up to 600 lives every year, and it was a significant donation from a single family.

"Each year we have vehicle retiring from the fleet.

"The new contribution from the community is definitely helping us saving more people's life.

"We're partially funded by the government. We're relying on the grass-root community support, which we see as the cornerstone of St John operation in New Zealand."