21 Mar 2009

Christchurch Airport to increase fees

10:05 pm on 21 March 2009

Passengers flying into Christchurch's International Airport are facing higher fares because of an increase in runway fees of up to $1500 dollars per landing.

Over the next year, passengers landing at the airport will pay up to $1.30 more per journey.

The executive director of the Board of Airline Representatives, John Beckett, says the current system for setting landing fees does not allow airlines to negotiate the price with airports.

Mr Beckett says while airports do consult the airlines, they ultimately set the price.

He says Christchurch International Airport will use the money to build its new terminal, but the airport rejects that claim.

The chief executive of Christchurch International Airport, Jim Boult agrees the system needs improvement and says a negotiation process could be considered.