6 May 2019

First Up: First day, first show

4:50 am on 6 May 2019

Morning is breaking even earlier on RNZ - First Up is an early morning conversation with Indira Stewart, starting today at 5am.

The programme features breaking news and setting agendas, telling you what has happened while you were sleeping and key stories from around the world.

First Up will chat to as many people who are up at that time of the morning - shift workers, early risers, athletes, butchers, bakers, flower markets, breastfeeding mums, parents taking kids to early morning sport, people off to the gym - if that's you please let us know, email firstup@rnz.co.nz or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

It will be tapping into the regions to find out who's up, where does our food come from, along with tracking local gigs.

First Up with Indira Stewart will set listeners up for the day - it's what you need to know and who you want to hear about.

Listen live on 101FM and on Freeview channel 50.