6 Mar 2019

Man pleads guilty to murdering Auckland woman Xi Wang

12:32 pm on 6 March 2019

A man has admitted brutally stabbing his ex-partner to death in Auckland late last year.

Xi Wang, 34, was killed on 10 December last year. Her identity was revealed on 22 January.

Xi Wang, 34, was killed on 10 December last year. Photo: Facebook

Ephraim Joseph Beazley pleaded guilty in the High Court in Auckland to murdering 34-year-old Xi Wang.

Police were called to a house in Flat Bush, in South Auckland, on 10 December, where they found Ms Wang unconscious with serious wounds.

She was taken to Middlemore Hospital where she died of her injuries.

It was just a week after Grace Millane's body was found in the bush in West Auckland.

Beazley and Ms Wang were in a relationship in Rotorua, which ended poorly about two years before he killed her. They had a son together.

On a Monday evening last year, on 10 December, Beazley drove from his home in Rotorua to Auckland, where Ms Wang lived.

The summary of facts said he arrived about 10pm, parked around the corner from her house, and walked to her door.

She answered to find him there with his cap lowered and his head bowed, which would have made it difficult for her to identify him.

Without saying a word he brutally attacked her at her front door with a hunting knife, and stabbed her multiple times all over her body, including her neck.

She was holding their two-year-old son in her arms the entire time.

He realised he'd done enough to kill her, and ran off.

From a nearby shopping centre Beazley called police and confessed and told them where he was. He also called a friend and told him too.

Police arrested him shortly afterwards without incident. The knife he used was found in his pocket.

Ms Wang was given first aid by a female that lived in her house. An ambulance took her to Middlemore Hospital in a critical condition where she underwent emergency surgery.

She couldn't be saved and died at 11.55pm as a result of her injuries.

Beazley later said he had "had enough of life in general" and especially the state of his relationship with Ms Wang.

He said that he had decided the best option was to kill her, and he planned how to do that, including what he would wear.

He'll be sentenced next month, with a maximum penalty of life in prison.