2 Mar 2019

Police launch homicide investigation after Huntly death

7:05 pm on 2 March 2019

Police have launched a homicide investigation following the death of a man near Huntly.

Waikato Police were called to a property in Pukemiro just after 11pm last night after reports that someone had been injured there.

Emergency services administered first aid but the man died at the scene.

A scene examination is being conducted today.

Waikato district councilllor Frank McInally heard the sounds of sirens from his home late last night, and awoke to news of the killing on the radio.

The death had shaken the area and gossip had been rife about who the victim could be, he said.

Posts made last night in a community support group complained about ongoing issues with a family, and said they needed to leave.

Mr McInally said the comments didn't represent most people's reactions.

"It's a vocal minority ... you always hear these sort of things. There's crime in all towns, there is crime there ... all petty crime, you know, burglaries and break-ins, nothing major."

Pukemiro is a small and rundown part of the district, but home to some of the nicest people, he said.

Police have been examining the area today and talking to witnesses. Anyone with more information is urged to contact police.

Robert Ave and part of Joseph St remained cordoned off today while officers investigated.