28 Jan 2019

Tamihere bids for Auckland mayoralty: 'My name's JT, not JC'

10:37 am on 28 January 2019

Auckland's new mayoral candidate John Tamihere says he wants to get control back into the hands of citizens and away from unaccountable bureaucrats.

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Photo: RNZ / Rowan Quinn

The former Labour Cabinet minister announced at the weekend that he is seeking the city's top job.

Current mayor Phil Goff has not yet said whether he would stand again.

Mr Tamihere told Morning Report one of his top changes would be addressing the culture of regulation, and said the 'public' needed to be put back into public service.

When questioned about his comments on women, the gay community and the Roast Busters, he said it was something that came with being in the public eye.

"Here's the thing, my name is JT not JC. I'm not totally in control of the whole shooting match all the time, I make mistakes. I've indicated I own them, what do you want me to do - jump off the Harbour Bridge?"