21 Jan 2019

Mission to find grandmother's dog before she wakes from coma

7:47 pm on 21 January 2019

Faye Emery has been in a coma since a car crash last Friday, when her pet chihuahua Bubbles was thrown from the vehicle and went missing.

Aaron Price is trying to find his grandmother's chihuahua Bubbles before she wakes up from a coma following a car crash.

Faye Emery's pet chihuahua Bubbles. Photo: Facebook

Her grandson, Aaron Price, is on a mission to find Bubbles, who he says means "the world" to his grandmother.

Cat traps are being used to humanely capture Bubbles, who has been missing since her owner's head-on collision near Taupō.

"I'm trying as best as I can with the Taupō community and whatnot. Everyone's been really great helping out and trying to find Bubbles," Mr Price said.

Since the car crash there had been about four sightings of the small, white dog.

"The first sighting was on Friday, she was seen running from the accident ... someone tried grabbing her but unfortunately she ran off because she's very timid and frightened. The next sighting was the next morning."

Bubbles was spotted again on Sunday evening trotting along State Highway 1, about 400 metres from the scene of the crash. There was another sighting on Monday morning.

Mr Price said there had been a few groups out searching for Bubbles with the aid of thermal imaging equipment, but with no luck.

Instead, they were laying humane traps with some of Bubbles' favourite foods and his grandmother's clothing in them.

The Taupō community had been rallying behind the search, he said.

"The Taupō community's been amazing, we've had support for accommodation, support helping us out finding Bubbles ... we've even had people coming up [from as far as] Rotorua to help see if they can find Bubbles."

Even the police were helping out, he said.

He was hoping the humane traps out would work on Monday night.

"I definitely hope so, I'd love to return her back to nan when she wakes up, it'd definitely light her eyes up for sure."