Wellington meth importer granted parole

2:25 pm on 11 January 2019

One of the four people involved in a methamphetamine operation run from a central Wellington apartment has been granted parole.

Michael Debreceny.

Michael Debreceny. Photo: RNZ

In 2015, Michael Debreceny was sentenced to nine-and-a-half years jail for importing methampetamine. His co-offenders received sentences ranging from 17 to three-and-a-half years.

The drugs were brought into the country in green-coloured plaster blocks labelled as "green jade' and were unpacked in the kitchen of an apartment in Chews Lane.

In its decision the Parole Board says Debreceny accepted his guilt.

However, contrary to the sentencing judge's remarks, Debreceny says he did not initially know what was in the packages, but when he found out he continued to to work for the drug dealing enterprise.

The board said he may want to reconsider being so helpful to others in future.

Debrecency has a job and a place to live.

It found he poses no undue risk and what risk there is can be managed with special conditions, including not to associate with his co-offenders without his probation officer's approval.

Debreceny will be released this month and must abide by special conditions for two years. These include not to change his job or associate with his co-offenders without his probation officer's approval. Not to possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs and to undertake a drug treatment programme if directed.

Finally, Debreceny must live at an approved address and is subject to a curfew for the first 3 months.