Penguins suffer under rising temperatures in NZ

3:50 pm on 9 January 2019

Soaring summer temperatures in Canterbury are causing concern for penguin rescuers.

Yellow-eyed penguin in New Zealand,

Photo: 123RF

The Christchurch Penguin Rehabilitation Centre says that between November 2017 and May last year it looked after 40 penguins.

But already so far his season, 11 have been picked up - either injured or starving.

Christchurch Penguin Rehabilitation Centre spokesperson Kristina Schutt said the hot weather did them no favours.

High temperatures made it harder for penguins to find food, because the fish they usually caught swam in deeper waters when it was hot, Ms Schutt said.

Yellow-eyed, little blue and white-flippered penguins were often found in distress, she said.