Orca and dolphins sighted in Wellington harbour

8:36 pm on 2 January 2019

Wellingtonians have enjoyed watching orca whales and a pod of dolphins swimming in the harbour today.

One of the orca spotted in Wellington harbour.

One of the orca spotted in Wellington harbour. Photo: Bradley Pratt

Local photographer Bradley Pratt said he previously travelled to Vancouver to see orca, so it was really special to see them down the road in Petone.

He saw a group of at least three about 150 metres from the beach, and thought they could have been hunting stingrays.

Other Wellingtonians also saw a pod of dolphins swimming near Petone wharf this morning.

Dan Booth was at Oriental Bay with his family this afternoon but said it was an unexpected treat to see the dolphins.

"[There was] a big pod of dolphins - it looked like they were playing around in the waves, going in and out, and then they sort of all went down the length of the beach.

"It's quite nice to come down to the beach and see a bit of wild nature - you don't really expect it."

Mr Booth said he missed out on seeing the orcas but there was a big crowd when he arrived at the beach.

The orcas have since been spotted in Evans Bay and near Shelly Bay.