29 Dec 2018

Most NZ businesses slow to adapt to new IRD system

8:18 pm on 29 December 2018

Just 5 percent of New Zealand businesses have signed up to Inland Revenue's (IRD) new payroll system - four months out from the deadline to do so.

A spokesperson for Spotless acknowledged there had been 'short-term discrepancies' in payments.

Most employers have to file payroll details to the IRD once a month. Photo: 123RF

The changes require businesses to send payroll details to IRD at the same time they pay their employees.

Currently, most employers have to file the information once a month and some say the changes are just more paperwork.

Inland Revenue's customer segment leader, Richard Owen, said they have a big job getting the remaining 95 percent of businesses signed up.

But Mr Owen said the changes will make their lives easier.

"We're really trying to actually ensure that we integrate the things that employers ordinarily do as part of their normal business process.

"So whilst initially this will seem like a change for employers, we're really trying to ensure that actually we're aligning with their process rather than ours.

Mr Owen said Inland Revenue is assisting businesses to make the switch.