27 Dec 2018

Cat not thrown from car - police

9:51 pm on 27 December 2018

The police and the SPCA say after investigating reports of a cat being thrown out of a moving car near Dannevirke, they don't believe that's what happened.

Ward had been cut south on state highway 1

Police say they don't believe a cat was thrown from a car near Dannevirke, rather it's likely the cat was hit by a car. Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King;

In a Facebook post published yesterday a woman claims to have seen a cat thrown from a Mercedes near Danniverke.

The post also includes a photograph of the alleged vehicle the woman said was doing more than 100 kilometres per hour at the time.

The police say they have spoken to those involved and don't believe the cat was thrown out of a car window, although it may have appeared that way to some witnesses.

They say the cat was most likely hit by a car.

SPCA staff are still trying to locate the cat.