24 Dec 2018

Watch out for that tree: ACC's Christmas Day injuries warning

8:33 am on 24 December 2018

Scooters, skateboards, and opening a fizzy bottle of wine have all contributed to the rising number of injuries on Christmas Day.

Injured man celebrating christmas at home

Photo: 123rf.com

More than 4000 people hurt themselves during the day's festivities last year, up from 3700 injuries in 2016, according to ACC figures.

ACC head of injury prevention Isaac Carlson said 69 of the injuries were caused by Christmas trees.

"The common ones we see are that a Christmas tree will fall on someone or it's when someone is carrying a Christmas tree in or out of the house, they'll fall or trip with the Christmas tree, or hurt their back trying to pick up a big one."

But he said Christmas trees were not the only danger.

"Big causes are spills in the kitchen and water on the bathroom floor, leading to slips. And also electrical cords running across walkways and things like that. People often have more people in the home on Christmas Day, with whānau and guests joining them."

Mr Carlson said people driving on Christmas Day should take care, as there were 263 injuries for the day last year caused by cars and driving.