17 Dec 2018

Canterbury Regional Council staff ditch lunch to call for better pay

3:38 pm on 17 December 2018

Canterbury Regional Council staff have walked off the job this lunch time in support of pay claims.

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Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

Eighty workers at the Christchurch office and 12 in Timaru were striking for 60 minutes after negotiations stalled.

PSA union members were seeking a 4.9 percent increase over two years while management was offering 1.1 percent for one year.

The council said its policy was to pay the median offered across the public sector.

Council worker, Jocelyn Papprill, said they worked hard to look after the environment and deserved better.

"I'm here because I think it's really important to stand as a unified group of people and make sure we get a good collective agreement that's not just a kick in the teeth like 1.1 percent is."

Jocelyn Papprill encouraged more of her colleagues to join the union and fight for better pay.