15 Dec 2018

Spiritual medium who assaulted 17 year old loses appeal

9:21 am on 15 December 2018

A spiritual medium who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old boy during a procedure to remove a spirit from his body has lost his appeal to have his conviction lifted.

Craig Graham Wright was asked by the boy's father to rid their house of so-called paranormal activity.

While there, Wright put his finger into the victim's belly button, and said the boy had a spiritual entity inside him which would need to be removed in a private room.

He then touched the boy's genitals before taking off his own pants.

In his appeal, Wright argued the trial was unfair because the victim's video statement was replayed to the jury, and claims his lawyer gave him poor advice.

However the judges dismissed the claim, and Wright will serve his sentence of eight months' home detention and 100-hours' community work.