11 Dec 2018

A 'soggy, sugary cloud': The NZers who don't like pavlova

7:59 pm on 11 December 2018

Food writer Lucy Corry made a bold confession in front of the nation today: She doesn't like pavlova.

A pavlova with berries and mint.

It seems that New Zealand harbours more anti-pavlova sentiment than expected. Photo: Unsplash

One might think that's akin to blasphemy - especially so close to Christmas, when pavlovas abound.

"Revealing you don't like pavlova is like admitting indifference to the All Blacks, or pets. It's just not done. You've got to make the right noises when your workmates discuss the weekend's big game; you must smile indulgently when friends show you photos of their cats," she wrote.

"Worst of all, you learn to say 'mmmm, delicious!' when you're offered a slice of soggy pav, even though you're screaming inside."

The admission has sparked a flurry of reactions and while she's not alone, it appears the nation is divided.

Some RNZ listeners were strongly opposed - and they outnumbered the pavlova lovers.

"Pavlova - a cloyingly super-sweet tooth-rotting excuse for a national treasure. Gimme a rice pudding."

"I'm a sweet tooth and have taste buds. Pavlova - ewww - even if it was vegan."

"I hate pavlovas. Disgusting texture."

"Pavlova is nothing more than a brandy snap but without the brandy or any discernible flavour for that matter. Give me half a dozen brandy snaps over a boring pav any day."

"I am one of those who doesn't think pavlova has to be present at Christmas dinner. Give me plum duff, fresh fruit salad and trifle. Yum."

"Hi, pavlovas are awful, prefer tiramisu. Pavlova at end of a meal - instant death of energy and taste buds. Overrated. I have no problem saying I dislike it, be who you are."

Those in favour of the dessert weren't too upset about the anti-pavlova sentiments.

"Fine, pav haters. More pav for us.If you have a pav problem send them our way."

"Our family love the yearly home made pavlova with fresh berry compote."

"There are many bad pavlovas but a good one is sublime. I suspect some people have never had a good one."

Some responses that were harder to interpret.

"Pavs are like a kiwi. Iconic, look intriguing, part of NZ culture. But hold a kiwi and they feel like sandpaper, full of fleas (in the wild) and try to bite you back."

"If you give pavlova and Russell Crowe to Oz [sic] send them the possums at the same time. And it's the fruit that goes with the pavlova that I like."

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