9 Dec 2018

Grace Millane's killing sparks anger over men's violence

4:49 pm on 9 December 2018

The killing of British backpacker Grace Millane has struck a chord with New Zealanders, who are expressing anger over male violence towards women.

David Millane, the father of missing British woman Grace Millane speaks to the media

Grace Millane's father, David Millane, is in New Zealand following the suspected murder of his 22-year-old daughter. Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly

Police said a 26-year-old man will be charged with her murder, a week after she went missing.

Ms Millane was last seen with the man inside the CityLife Hotel in Central Auckland.

Investigators are searching bush off Scenic Drive in Waitakere in West Auckland for Ms Millane's body.

New Zealanders have taken to social media in rage and sadness over her death.

Detective Inspector Scott Beard said Ms Millane's father, David Millane, who is in New Zealand, and her family in the UK are devastated.

"Everybody who is a parent out there will understand and appreciate what their family is going through."

"Our hearts go out to them," Mr Beard said.

One of many Facebook posts mourning the death of Grace Millane.

One of many Facebook posts mourning the death of Grace Millane. Photo: Facebook

White Ribbon anti-violence campaign manager Robb McCann said New Zealand had a lot more work to do when it came to violence against women.

"We want to make sure that men don't grow up with the type of attitudes where they treat women like objects, where they think that they're superior and where violence occurs because they don't understand what a respectful relationship looks like," Mr McCann said.

New Zealanders needed to help stop violence and not just leave it up to the authorities, he said.

Tourism NZ spokesperson Candice Johansen said news coverage of the killing, particularly in the UK, could erode the perception of New Zealand being a safe place to visit.

"This could impact on things like people's decisions to travel alone or make them extra cautious about their activities while they're here," Ms Johansen said.

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