7 Dec 2018

Senior jobs on line at Stratford council

6:50 pm on 7 December 2018

Senior managers are among those invited to reapply for their jobs at the Stratford District Council as it undergoes a major restructure.

Stratford's Glockenspiel tower which plays the balcony scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

The Stratford District Council is advertising 19 positions, six at senior managerial level. Photo: Wiki commons

The council is advertising 19 positions, six at senior management level, including environmental health manager and community development manager .

Chief executive Sven Hanne said he was unable to say how many existing staff would lose their jobs, but that overall two new full-time equivalent positions would be created.

"Overall, in terms of numbers, none (disestablished jobs).

"However, as we are advertising these roles externally, it is possible that existing staff members may choose to pursue different career paths and not apply for any of the new positions or be unsuccessful in their application," he said.

Mr Hanne said the restructure would not result in any savings for the council.

"We are running on minimum staffing for the functions we deliver as it is.

"The goal is better alignment of similar parts of the business, a strengthening of the customer service aspects which are an important aspect of council's service delivery, and in some areas an adjustment to a combination of changes to technology, resilience, best practice and legislation."

Mr Hanne said the restructure would allow the council to bring some functions back in house.

"There will be a small increase in staffing as we bring some activities currently done externally back in house, allow for the significant capital works planned in the current long term plan (subdivision, bike park, swimming pool), ensure statutory compliance and future-proof the organisation by creating an element of backup to critical position that are currently sole charge."

At 2170 square kilometres Stratford is the ninth smallest district in New Zealand and has a population of just 9500.

The council has an annual turnover of $20 million and it currently employs 60 staff, 38 of those full-time.

Its staffing budget is just over $3 million annually.