Man pleads guilty over Len Lye sculpture damage

12:27 pm on 30 November 2018

The man who broke a Len Lye sculpture on Wellington's waterfront has pleaded guilty to intentionally damaging it.

Hunter Macdonald

Hunter Macdonald Photo: RNZ / Ben Strang

Hunter MacDonald broke the $300,000 sculpture last month, when he climbed out to the end of the pole-like structure.

The police prosecutor today told the Wellington District Court that MacDonald was showing off when he climbed out on the sculpture.

He had told police he wanted to be the first to get out to the end of the pole and back, as he had never seen anyone do so before.

He did not know he was not allowed to climb on the sculpture, as there were no signs. He thought the sculpture would hold his weight.

His lawyer Carrie Parkin has asked for him to be considered for restorative justice.

Reparation is sought from MacDonald to fix the sculpture, but it was not yet clear how much he might have to pay.

MacDonald will be sentenced in March.