30 Oct 2018

Quake shake: What New Zealanders had to say about it

5:17 pm on 30 October 2018

The 6.2 magnitude earthquake that shook central NZ this afternoon saw people immediately take to Twitter to talk about the shake, share information, check in with friends and breathe a sigh of relief.

Person using phone.

Photo: 123rf

GeoNet reported the quake hit at 3.13pm, 20km south of Taumarunui.

Civil Defence said there was no tsunami threat from the shake.

But for some there was the inclination to crack a joke or two on social media - especially at the expense of Parliament, which was temporarily suspended due to the quake.

A lot of residents in the capital were left fairly shaken (excuse the pun) following the quake.

Though, some are used to a Wellington wobble….

And some were a bit confused…

Up the coast a bit, things were a bit tense…

But in Taumarunui, where the earthquake was centred, some people were actually pretty relaxed.

In the South Island, our reporter Craig McCulloch felt the shake in Nelson.

And there were even reports of people feeling the quake as far as Christchurch...

For some people, it was a real eye-opener

However, Civil Defence minister Kris Faafoi has told media there are no reports of damage at this point, but this bad boy took a hit.