21 Oct 2018

Dying man in Whangārei: 'We couldn't move him'

5:28 pm on 21 October 2018

The manager of a Whangārei accommodation park was woken early this morning by a man covered in blood and asking for help.

Police generic

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

The man died at the scene shortly afterwards, and a homicide investigation has been launched.

Otaika Accommodation Park manager Martin Clark said he was woken by his dog barking at the sound of someone banging on doors.

He found the man outside, asking for help.

"I went out to see and then I went down and, yeah, he was there.

"We couldn't move him. He was sitting on a chair and he was basically just about passed out then."

Mr Clark called 111, but it was too late.

"According to emergency services when they came they said he was beyond help."

Mr Clark said he'd met the man before, and while not a tenant there, he had previously visited people at the park.

He said he would have been in his mid-20s.

Mr Clark said the police had been giving a lot of attention to a house next door to the park on Otaika Rd.

Police are appealing for any information from the public about what happened.