19 Oct 2018

Police shot at six times during Auckland chase

5:28 pm on 19 October 2018

Police have told media the two men arrested during an alleged police chase today fired at least six shots at police and members of the public.

Tusha Penny addressed media today following the arrests.

Tusha Penny addressed media today following the arrests. Photo: RNZ

Waitematā District Commander Superintendent Tusha Penny said the two drivers endangered lives of police and the public.

"We are extremely lucky that we are not in the middle of a homicide investigation and that we are not telling family of police staff or members of our community that they have a dead family.

"We have seen across Tamaki Makaurau a fleeing driver where on at least six occasions we believe occupants, those dangerous criminals, have fired shots at our police staff and innocent members of the public."

The chase began at 11.42am routine investigation of a house in Blockhouse Bay where it was believed a man was who had previously fled custody.

Police spotted the person of interest in a car nearby and approached.

"As police approached the vehicle, a male occupant allegedly fired at least once shot at police," Ms Penny said.

The car then fled toward State Highway 20, where police followed at a distance while a helicopter monitored the car.

It exited State Highway 20 to State Highway 1 "where it was observed travelling in a dangerous manner" as it went from the Southern Motorway to the Northern Motorway.

It then went onto State Highway 16 at Kaukapakapa where one of the occupants exited the vehicle and fled at about 12.29pm.

The driver continued but then surrendered at 1.07pm.

A member of the public also reported occupants of the car shot in their direction while on State Highway 20.

One of the alleged offenders is being treated for "minor injuries". There were no injuries to the public or police.