5 Oct 2018

Apology after ferry captain threatens to throw bikes overboard

3:22 pm on 5 October 2018

Auckland ferry company Fullers has apologised after one of its skippers threatened to throw people's bicycles into the water if they did not move them from a fire exit.

A Fullers ferry docked at the Auckland Ferry Terminal before leaving for Waiheke

Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly

Passengers travelling on the Devonport route this morning overheard their captain tell people if they did not move the bikes, he would have no choice but to throw them off the boat.

Fullers general manger of operations Megan Watson said the normal vessel was off the water for maintenance and the passengers were on a smaller boat.

She said there was not enough space on the boat for a large number of bikes, so they spilled into the fire exit.

Ms Watson said it was a safety issue but that did not excuse the skipper's reaction, which was inappropriate.