4 Oct 2018

Coach accused must be 'unluckiest in world' if he's truthful, crown says

9:02 pm on 4 October 2018

The Crown says a teacher aide and rugby coach accused of sexual assault must be the unluckiest man in the world, if he is to be believed.

Alosio Taimo on trial in the Auckland High Court.

Alosio Taimo on trial in the Auckland High Court. Photo: RNZ / Edward Gay

Alosio Taimo denies 106 charges of sexually abusing 18 boys over a period of 29 years and is under cross examination at the High Court in Auckland.

Mr Taimo has been giving evidence in his own defence for the best part of three days. Under questioning from his own lawyer, Tua Saseve, Mr Taimo denied all the charges and said the sexual abuse never happened.

Crown prosecutor Jasper Rhodes got his turn to ask questions.

Mr Rhodes began his cross-examination with: "As far as I understand, your overall evidence, Mr Taimo, you say you had no sexual connection whatsoever with any of the 18 complainants who have given evidence?"

Mr Taimo: "Yes."

Mr Rhodes: "At any stage?"

Mr Taimo: "At any stage."

Mr Rhodes said that would be remarkable.

"Have you sat here throughout this trial, thinking you must be the unluckiest man in the whole world?" Mr Rhodes asked.

Mr Taimo said that he had not.

Mr Rhodes said 18 people had accused Mr Taimo of sexual abuse.

"You say each and every one of these 18 is lying about you?

"Each and every one of these 18 boys who you looked after, who you put your energy and teaching skills and love into, is lying about you?"

"Yes," Mr Taimo said.

Mr Rhodes pointed out that six of the boys had later told family members and partners about the abuse, before coming forward to the police. Many did not know each other.

"That is incredibly, remarkably bad luck, isn't it Mr Taimo? You don't think so?"

"No," Mr Taimo said.

A short time later, Mr Taimo asked a question of his own: "What do you mean unlucky?"

Mr Rhodes: "Well, they could accuse anyone in their lives. If they're making up lies, as you say, they're making up lies about somebody, so they pick someone for their target of their lies and they all independently pick you. That is very unlucky."

Mr Taimo said: "Yes, because there's something behind it."

Mr Rhodes asked what.

"Oh, it's jealousy," Mr Taimo said.

Mr Taimo told the court that the allegations come from a feud between him and someone close to him.

"The reality is, what these 18 people are saying is the truth, isn't it Mr Taimo? You did sexually abuse these 18 boys in the way that they describe."

Mr Taimo: "No I didn't"

He has repeatedly denied making up evidence as he went along.