24 Sep 2018

Students to protest over University's proctor taking bongs from flats

5:56 pm on 24 September 2018

A protest against the Otago University's proctor is being organised after claims he's entered several flats without permission and confiscated drug equipment.

Otago University proctor Dave Scott.

Otago University proctor Dave Scott. Photo: Supplied/Otago University.

Otago University Students' Association recreation officer Josh Smythe has said on social media that he has had several reports of proctor Dave Scott taking bongs.

Mr Scott - a former police officer - has been proctor since 2016.

Student magazine Critic has reported he entered an unlocked flat - which was empty apart from one sleeping resident - and confiscated bongs about three weeks ago.

A university spokesperson said what was done was unusual and unlikely to be repeated.

The spokesperson said neither the proctor nor university claimed a right to search private premises, but Mr Scott's actions were carried in a way which the university was confident was to their advantage.

Mr Scott said he was focussed on helping students gain degrees and not criminal convictions.

But Mr Smith said the proctor's actions were authoritarian repression and a protest will be held on Friday.

Students' Association president Caitlin Barlow-Groome said entering flats without permission was unacceptable and the university had overstepped the line.

Miss Barlow-Groome said she wanted an explanation as to why Mr Scott entered the flat.