2 Sep 2018

Taxpayers fund board member's wife's flight to Scott Base

4:40 pm on 2 September 2018

Antarctica New Zealand is once again in the spotlight, this time for flying a board member's wife to Scott Base.

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Sara Tetro's flight to Scott Base was paid for by Antarctica New Zealand, a tax payer funded organisation. Photo: AFP

Less than a fortnight ago its chief executive, Peter Beggs, and another board member resigned without disclosing why.

Sara Tetro, the wife of Antarctica New Zealand board member Rob Fyfe, was flown to Scott Base in 2016 by the tax payer funded organisation.

A spokesperson for Ms Tetro, a former New Zealand's next top model host, said she was flown there as a consultant, to advise on a celebration for the 60th anniversary of Scott Base.

No other partners or family members of the board have travelled to Scott Base, the spokesperson said.