20 Aug 2018

Tornado hits New Plymouth

8:01 pm on 20 August 2018

A tornado that has hit coastal parts of New Plymouth has blown out windows, and torn off roofs and branches.

Damage from the tornado which struck New Plymouth.

Damage from the tornado which struck New Plymouth. Photo: RNZ / Robin Martin

It struck the Belt Road, Gaine Street and Cutfield Road area at 4.50pm this evening.

Locals said it roared up Belt Road for about 300 metres smashing fences and lifting roofs.

A police spokesperson said there are so far no reports of injuries but rooves may have been lifted from homes and powerlines could be down.

One of the owners of a New Plymouth holiday park said there was a tremendous noise as the wind hit blowing out windows and ripping branches off trees.

Anna Crawford said it's also torn the roof off the next door bowling club but no-one has been hurt.

She said it lasted about 30 seconds and was terrifying.