17 Aug 2018

What has eight lives and three legs?

6:00 pm on 17 August 2018

A cat that lost a leg after being hit by a car on Auckland's Northwestern Motorway, then became stuck under a police car, has had a happy ending.

File photo of a cute cat - not the one injured in the motorway incident.

File photo of a cute cat - not the one injured in the motorway incident. Photo: 123RF

The police received calls from the public on Wednesday about a cat on the motorway that was causing commuter chaos.

Senior constable Warwick Lyes tried to rescue the feline but things did not quite go as planned.

"Even with three legs, it managed to move fairly quickly and ran under my car... and somehow jumped up on the suspension, around the centre near where the diff was, and lodged itself up there, he said.

After an hour and even with the help of passers-by, Mr Lyes was unable to remove the cat.

He made the decision to drive slowly back to the police base.

"One of my colleagues drove closely behind me just to keep an eye on what was going on and to inform [me] if... the cat did fall out," said Mr Lyes.

He spent another hour and a half at the base trying to reach the cat to no avail.

Mr Lyes then took the car to Giltrap Motors where mechanics were finally able to retrieve the small creature.

"Initially there was a bit of joviality and laughing but they got it into the workshop straight away.

"The whole thing took about maybe four or five minutes and they were able to reach up and pull the little thing out."

The cat was taken to the Glenfield Vet Clinic and has been treated for his injuries.

He is reported to be doing well and has had several offers for a new home.

"My wife did say that she was very keen to have another little cat at home even if it's got three legs, but I understand it may be going to someone else so that's okay," said Mr Lyes.