28 Jun 2018

Flight delays after security breach at Auckland Airport

1:30 pm on 28 June 2018

Passengers had to go through a re-screening process after a security breach in the domestic terminal at Auckland airport this morning.

Flights have now resumed.

Auckland Airport earlier warned passengers to expect delays on some flights after the breach.

An Auckland Airport spokesperson said one passenger didn't go through the normal screening process, but jumped the barrier and went through the arrival doors instead of the departure doors.

She said three flights were immediately affected and all departing flights had to go back through security.

The passenger had since been found, she said.

But she said there would be ongoing implications and rolling delays.

She was unable to confirm how many passengers had been affected.

Travellers at the airport posting on social media said there was chaos in the terminal, with long queues for screening.

One traveller, Ellen Black, said hundreds of passengers were left queuing through the domestic terminal following the security breach.

People were arriving at the airport about 8am this morning, but not leaving, he said.

"We were just sitting here minding our own business thinking 'Auckland domestic airport got heck of a lot busy - I wonder where all the people came from'.

"Then we released they were all coming off planes because of a security breach," he said.

People were mentioning a security breach at the airport, but he got most of the information through the media, he said.

Mr Black and his family were travelling to Queenstown and weren't affected by the breach, he said.

Another passenger said one queue was the size of the terminal.

The airport spokesperson was unable to confirm why the passenger jumped the security barrier.