27 Jun 2018

Nurse's registration cancelled after 'relentless harassment'

8:35 pm on 27 June 2018

A nurse has had his registration cancelled and been ordered to pay $9000 after "relentless harassment" of nurses and caregivers.

Male nurse taking pulse of senior patient at hospital.

Photo: 123rf.com

Jose Miguel Dy faced seven charges of harassment at the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal earlier this year.

Mr Dy had worked at the Remuera Care Home and Village since 2010, becoming a clinical manager in 2014.

The tribunal heard that over the following two years he began harrassing five nurses and caregivers by making advances towards them.

If they refused, he threatened to fire them.

The Tribunal has ruled his actions were unacceptable and have significantly compromised the nursing profession's standards.

It added that Mr Dy was not remorseful and continued to be a risk to the public.

Read the full decision here.