21 Jun 2018

Babywatch: Coffee, chips and catering as media #stillwaiting

2:47 pm on 21 June 2018

First Person - Technically, #stillwaiting is over because Jacinda Ardern is in hospital to give birth - but now it's a new phase.

Journalists at Auckland City Hospital in making do with chips and coffee as the waiting continues.

Journalists at Auckland Hospital making do with chips and coffee as the waiting continues. Photo: RNZ / Jessie Chiang

RNZ's live updates as PM Jacinda Ardern is in hospital to give birth are here; read a summary here and Jane Patterson's explainer of Winston Peters' duties as Acting Prime Minister.

There was every possibility the PM would go into labour today, but after weeks of preparation and her due date having come and gone, it was not something I expected when I got to work at 5am today.

Once I rushed to the hospital, the second chapter of the waiting began.

According to the woman who passed by the media room, firstborn babies take their time.

I am inclined to believe this because he or she has definitely been taking their time so far.

I've also been told it's like waiting for the government to be formed last year - except this baby could literally come at any time.

It hasn't been all that bad though.

The media room for journalists, packed with other videographers and reporters, comes with tea and coffee.

And after making do with the Pringles packed in my "baby bag", the PM's office put on a decent spread for the waiting media.

Many people inside and outside the hospital were excited by the news and wished Ms Ardern well.

There were also a few people who did not care.

Unfortunately for them, they will be hearing a lot about it until this baby makes an appearance.

One friend, whose father's birthday is tomorrow, told me she hoped Ms Ardern could 'hold off' until then.

I sincerely hope that's not the case.


Outside Auckland Hospital this morning

Auckland Hospital this morning. Photo: RNZ / Jessie Chiang

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