2 Aug 2010

More convictions for killer of teen in prison van

5:14 pm on 2 August 2010

The man convicted of murdering a 17-year-old offender in a security van has been convicted of a raft of other offences arising from a violent incident in prison.

George Baker, 29, was convicted of kidnapping, threatening to kill and assault with a weapon.

The trial arose from an incident at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo in August last year.

Baker was accused of taking an elderly prisoner hostage using a makeshift knife made from razor blades.

The prompted an 11-hour stand off with prison authorities, with police and ambulance staff on stand-by.

Baker was in jail after being convicted of killing minor offender Liam Ashley in 2006.

He was at that time in custody over a stabbing incident and threats to witnesses and his placement in the same van as Liam Ashley was strongly criticised in an official report.

Baker will be sentenced in September over the latest incident.