30 Jul 2010

Maori music royalty deal welcomed

7:44 pm on 30 July 2010

Maori singer-songwriter Hinewehi Mohi has welcomed a deal between the Maori Broadcasting Funding Agency, Te Maangai Paaho, and the Phonographic Performers Association of New Zealand for iwi stations to pay Maori composers and musicians royalties for use of their material.

Waatea News reports that the data will allow an independent iwi radio chart to be published, which could create wider interest in the most popular waiata.

Ms Mohi told Waatea News that contemporary Reo Maori musicians struggle to get wider airplay, but the chance to get some income from iwi radio play could encourage the production of more material.

She said it's a fantastic boost for Maori artists, particularly those who perform in Maori.