Ōtāhuhu park protest sparks council action

6:36 pm on 7 April 2018

People who blocked off a sea-side park in Auckland to deter loud binge drinking parties say the council is finally taking action.

The Otahuhu residents want Seaside Park fenced off

The Otahuhu residents want Seaside Park fenced off Photo: Pixabay

Jess Denholm lives across the road from Seaside Park in Ōtāhuhu and said she had suffered due to loud music and rowdy behaviour which had become worse over time.

Last weekend, Ms Denholm took things into her own hands and with the help from other nearby residents blocked the park with gates.

The council had placed a security guard at the park since Tuesday and had started building a barrier to close the park at night, Ms Denholm said.

"It's great news the council have kicked into action so quickly. We've all had a good night's sleep for the first time [in a long time].

"People still pull up in their cars after the pubs close about 1am but they are being turned around by the security guard, so it's great," Ms Denholm said.

Ms Denholm said others should speak up about issues in their community, as change was possible.