2 Apr 2018

Record number of people want to save Kaimanawa horses from slaughter

4:24 pm on 2 April 2018

A record number of people have offered to adopt horses from this year's Kaimanawa muster.

Kaimanawa horses being mustered in 2016.

Photo: Supplied / Kimber Brown

More than 300 wild horses will be mustered from the Waiouru Military Training Area this year - one of the largest culls on record.

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses organise the adoptions from the Muster.

Organisation spokesperson Simone Drewin said the organisation had received 230 applications, with more pending.

She said it was the largest number of applications ever recorded.

"In the past I think the most number of applications we've ever had was about 180 and we lost a fair number of those during the home-check process," she said.

"This time around we've only just started home-checks, but it's all looking quite promising."

Ms Drewin said the response had been overwhelming.

However, she said the number of applications had not yet equalled the number of horses.

"The herd is currently 321 over the allowable number...so we're still a little way off re-homing every horse."

Any horses that cannot be re-homed will be sent to the slaughterhouse.