1 Mar 2018

Helicopter 'landed heavily' then rolled - CAA

4:29 pm on 1 March 2018

A helicopter landed heavily and rolled at Wanaka Airport as a trainee and flight instructor were practising an emergency landing procedure, the Civil Aviation Authority says.

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Photo: 123rf

Police were at Wanaka Airport after the helicopter crash about 11.30am today.

The crash occurred on the airport's helipad.

A CAA spokesperson said the Guibmal Cabri G2 helicopter rolled after landing heavily as the two occupants were practising autorotations, a common emergency landing procedure in which the rotors turn without the engine powering them.

Neither the instructor nor the trainee were injured, the spokesperson said.

A Wanaka Airport spokesperson said police had referred the matter to the CAA.

The airport's helicopter pad was away from the main runway and there were no disruptions to services, the spokesperson said.

An ambulance was notified but stood down before arrival.