26 Feb 2018

Manslaughter trial begins in Dunedin High Court

1:32 pm on 26 February 2018

A man accused of killing his flatmate lashed out after a day of drinking Jagermeister and beer, the Dunedin High Court has heard.

Jason Karl Blackler in the Dunedin High Court.

Jason Karl Blackler in the Dunedin High Court. Photo: RNZ / Tim Brown

Jason Karl Blackler, 48, is on trial in the Dunedin High Court, accused of the manslaughter of 66-year-old Alan Fahey in October 2016.

The crown alleges he killed the victim by assaulting him at a Brockville residential address which the pair shared at the time of Mr Fahey's death.

Mr Blackler faces an alternate charge of wounding with intent to injure.

He denied both charges before the trial began this morning.

Crown prosecutor Richard Smith said the pair spent the day drinking together.

Mr Smith said an associate of the pair who visited that day left when the atmosphere deteriorated.

The court heard Mr Blackler became enraged after Mr Fahey made disparaging remarks about his terminally ill sister.

Defence lawyer Anne Stevens told the court Mr Fahey's existing health condition, his gross intoxication at the time of his death and the messy living conditions in the flat could have all contributed to his untimely death.

Ms Stevens said her client was not responsible for the death and the Crown cannot prove that he was.

The trial is set down for two weeks.