28 Jan 2018

Erebus victims' family members unhappy about Air NZ video

2:36 pm on 28 January 2018

Some family members of those who died in the Erebus disaster are unhappy Air New Zealand chose to film its new safety video in Antarctica.

Mt Erebus, Antarctica

An Air New Zealand flight hit the slopes of Mt Erebus in 1979 killing all 257 on board the plane. Photo: 123rf

All 257 people died when an Air New Zealand flight hit the slopes of Antarctica's Mt Erebus in 1979.

Pat Gilberd, who lost her father in the crash, said she had only learnt of the video today.

"I think it's very inappropriate considering that's I think the worst crash Air New Zealand's ever had, I can't understand why they would choose that as a place.

"I think it would be a good idea if they canned the whole idea and did something more appropriate."

Ms Gilberd said the airline had made good safety videos in the past, but this wasn't a good idea.

However Air New Zealand has defended its new safety video set in Antarctica saying it is tasteful.

Air New Zealand's chief pilot, David Morgan, said the airline approached filming in a sensitive way and had been very careful to ensure none of the footage used would feature Mt Erebus or memorial sites.

He said they had received positive feedback from family members after they told them of their decision to film.

But Nicholas Bennett, who lost his father in the crash, said he was only told of the video in an email, which brought back the lack of closure his family have had.

"It opens the sore again as well you know, it was in the past and I do get reminded of it every now and then.

"It happened the day before my birthday ... so of course I'll always remember it and it's not a great day for the family, but then doing this has just brought it up again."

Mr Bennett said with the crash coming up to the 40 year anniversary, be thought the airline was trying to put a positive spin on Antarctica.

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