12 Jul 2010

Family accuses prison van killer of publicity stunt

11:22 am on 12 July 2010

The family of a murdered teenager is accusing his killer of staging an annual publicity stunt near the anniversary of the death.

George Baker strangled Liam Ashley, 17, in the back of a prison van in 2006.

Baker has regularly made headlines ever since for his appeal hearing in 2007, an attack on a prison guard in 2008 and holding a fellow inmate hostage last year.

Now it has emerged that Baker has been sitting on $19,474 in legal aid since March 2007 to pursue a claim for historic child abuse.

Liam Ashley's mother, Lorraine Ashley, says the timing of this disclosure is suspicious.

She says it's distressing that Baker concocts an annual stunt to draw attention to himself.

The Ministry of Social Development says it offers to work with any person who believes they came to harm while in state child welfare care.