22 Jan 2018

Survey sheds light on NZers' internet use

2:07 pm on 22 January 2018

A new survey by the internet company Chorus has shed some light into New Zealanders' December browsing habits.

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Chorus says the amount of data New Zealanders are using has increased recently. Photo: 123RF

The busiest day of the year was 10 December, with people downloading more than one terabit-per-second just before 9.30pm that night.

Porirua used the most data, with the average household downloading more than 200 gigabytes over the course of the month - 34 percent higher than in December last year.

Meanwhile, Dunedin had the fastest average seed at 265 megabits per second - nearly four times the speed of Rotorua with just 72 megabits per second.

Chorus network manager Kurt Rogers said areas with lots of young people generally use a lot of data.

"Auckland and Wellington are often the biggest users and actually interestingly it's often south Auckland and Porirua, so I think maybe it's the younger population."

Chorus said the amount of data used by New Zealanders had shot up recently, largely to do with more people watching movies and TV online.