7 Jul 2010

Police to review Bain documentary allegations

3:29 pm on 7 July 2010

Police say they will investigate allegations in a documentary about the Bain family murders that a defence witness gave inconsistent evidence.

David Bain was acquitted at a retrial last year of murdering five members of his family in 1994, and is seeking compensation for the time he spent in jail after his original conviction.

A police spokesperson says a TVNZ documentary that screened on Tuesday night raised no issues that hadn't been put before the court.

However, the spokesperson said police will review specific information that a defence witness gave evidence about meeting Robin Bain that was inconsistent with documentary records and other people's accounts.

The documentary, by veteran journalist Bryan Bruce, reviewed the case put foward by the defence team, that Robin Bain killed his wife and children. Mr Bruce concluded there was no forensic evidence to link Robin Bain to the murders.

Long-time David Bain supporter Joe Karam says the documentary was a media beat-up, distorted the defence's argument and was imbalanced. He says that despite several letters of concern from David Bain's lawyers, the documentary maker never approached them.

Margaret Bain's sister, Val Boyd, told Nine to Noon the programme showed the public Robin Bain wasn't like the man portrayed in the retrial, and is the beginning of restoring his reputation. "I think there's something really wrong with the law when people can say anything they like about dead people, and there's absolutely no accountability," she said.

Bain lawyer considers options

David Bain's lawyer, Michael Reed QC, says the programme creates an unspoken implication against his client.

The defence team has not ruled out taking action against the documentary-maker.