14 Dec 2017

Principal who forged teachers signatures can no longer teach

2:43 pm on 14 December 2017

A former school principal who forged other teachers' signatures on endorsements of her fitness to work was found guilty of serious misconduct and can no longer teach, the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal says.

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The principal can no longer teach. Photo: 123RF

The tribunal said Barbara Clark forged the signatures of two teachers in her application for a new practising certificate in 2015.

It said Ms Clark had been the principal of Benneydale School in the central North Island until she left due to stress in 2013 and her practising certificate lapsed in 2014.

In 2015 she tried to renew the certificate, but used faked documents.

"Ms Clark forged the signature of the endorser on the form when it was first sent to the Council. She was asked to obtain an endorsement from her most recent employer. Ms Clark forged the signature of the principal at her former school, and created a letter from her confirming she was prepared to endorse Ms Clark's application," the tribunal said.

The council discovered the forgeries after inquiring with Benneydale School and informed the police.

The subsequent investigation resulted in Ms Clark's conviction on charges of forgery and making false documents last year. She was sentenced earlier this year to four months community detention and a year's supervision.

The tribunal said Ms Clark's actions discredited the teaching profession and reflected badly on her fitness to teach.

It said it had censured Ms Clark and cancelled her registration.