27 Nov 2017

Sexism rife in world of science - professor

3:19 pm on 27 November 2017

Sexism is rife in the world of science, and affects how, and with whom, academics collaborate, an Auckland University professor says.

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New research from the University of Technology, Sydney, shows men received the overwhelming majority of research grants in engineering, health, and medicine over the past decade.

Most of those recipients chose to work in male-only teams.

Nicola Gaston, who's an associate professor of physics at Auckland University, said that undermined women's academic work.

"What people are doing is selecting other people to collaborate with in order to be competitive in attracting a grant. So, you're not just seeing the biases of the individuals in terms of assessing the worth of the work of somebody else.

"What you're seeing is them second-guessing how that person's work will be assessed by somebody else."

Nicola Gaston is the author of the book Why Science Is Sexist.

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