22 Oct 2009

Boy racer laws welcomed in Christchurch

4:33 pm on 22 October 2009

Many people in Christchurch are welcoming two new bills that allow cars of boy racers to be crushed and councils to ban street cruising.

The Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill enables cars of boy racers who have been caught offending three times in four years to be crushed.

The Land Transport Enforcement Powers Amendment Bill permits councils to introduce bylaws prohibiting cruising.

The four avenues around the centre of Christchurch have been used as a boy racer track for years, forcing some moteliers out of business.

The accommodation industry now hopes Christchurch City Council will move quickly to enforce its new powers.

Mayor Bob Parker says the council finally has the tools to fix the problem.

But the racers say the new laws will not solve things, with one predicting her peers will retaliate this weekend.