23 Sep 2017

Great kererū count takes flight

2:08 pm on 23 September 2017

New Zealanders are being encouraged to be on the lookout for kererū over the next 10 days, as the Great Kererū Count takes flight.

The annual count began yesterday, aiming to compile more accurate numbers.

Kererū is the only bird species that helps disperse seeds of native canopy trees, like tawa and maitai.

However, because they are not an endangered species, data is not kept on their numbers.

The local branch of the World Wildlife Federation is asking people to keep an eye and ear out for any of the birds, and to log any sightings online.

Chief executive Livia Esterhazy said kererū were easy to spot.

"The tend to be on powerlines or in trees...They've got a beautiful white singlet and green and purple plumage. They're very, very large birds and that white singlet gives them away quite clearly."