14 Jun 2017

Emotional scenes at inquest into stabbed teen's death

8:43 am on 14 June 2017

The detective who had to break the news to the Marceau family that the man who had kidnapped their daughter was out on bail became emotional as he recalled the meeting in court.

Outside the Auckland District Court on Albert Street.

Auckland District Court Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Detective Aaron Iremonger was the officer in charge of the case against Akshay Chand when Chand faced charges of kidnapping 18-year-old Christie Marceau at knifepoint.

He is giving evidence at the inquest into Ms Marceau's death at the hands of Chand, who killed her while out on bail in 2011.

Mr Iremonger charged Chand with kidnapping, threatening to do grievous bodily harm and assault with intent to rape.

He also worked on the police opposition to bail that included admissions made by Chand during his police interview.

Chand told Mr Iremonger that he kidnapped and threatened Miss Marceau because she didn't help him with his depression.

Despite opposition by the police, Chand was granted bail in the North Shore District Court.

Mr Iremonger spoke to the Marceaus shortly after the decision and apologised.

He took a long pause in his evidence as he described apologising to Mrs Marceau for the unsatisfactory bail conditions.

Those conditions included that Chand live at his parent's address - about a kilometre from the Marceaus' home in Hillcrest on Auckland's North Shore.

Mr Iremonger told the Marceaus that police did everything they could.

Christie's mother, Tracey, wept in the public gallery as he gave evidence.

He said Mrs Marceau asked if Chand would visit their house.

Mr Iremonger responded that it wasn't likely but at the same time he couldn't rule it out because no-one knew what Chand was thinking.

He told the Marceaus that even though Chand was on a 24-hour curfew, the reality was he was probably able get to the Marceaus' home before the police could. He advised them to be vigilant and keep the house secure.

He told them police would be doing bail checks on Chand.

Mr Iremonger also recalled another conversation with the Marceaus where he was asked if Christie's father, Brian, should cancel a business trip to Australia to be at home, in case Chand came over.

Mr Iremonger confirmed he advised that wasn't necessary and gave more advice about keeping the home secure and to call 111 if Chand came to the house.

The detective also visited Chand's home. He said Chand answered the door. When asked how he was going, Chand said he was taking his medication and abiding by his bail conditions.

Chand also told him that the police had been checking on him two or three times a night.

About a month later, Mr Iremonger was on annual leave when he got a text message advising him that Chand had killed Miss Marceau.

Chand was found not guilty of the murder by reason of insanity and has been detained indefinitely in a special mental health unit.

The inquest into Christie Marceau's death has been set down for two weeks.

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