10 Jun 2017

Former F&P Healthcare worker sentenced over secret payments

12:41 pm on 10 June 2017

A former Fisher & Paykel Healthcare employee has been sentenced to eight months' home detention for receiving secret payments.

Simon William Hall pleaded guilty in March to three charges laid by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO); one of obtaining by deception and two charges under the Secret Commissions Act.

The SFO said Hall received about $US213,000 ($NZ295,00) in payments which his employer didn't know about.

He was sentenced in the Auckland District Court on Friday for receiving secret commissions from Middle Eastern clients of F&P Healthcare and for deceiving his employer.

The charges related to payments received by Mr Hall for approving a Saudi Arabian company as a distributor of F&P Healthcare products and a single payment from a Jordanian company which also became a distributor, the SFO said.

It said Hall's offending had the potential to tarnish the reputation of New Zealand companies with overseas operators.