3 Jun 2017

Be on the lookout for large coin purchases - police

11:55 am on 3 June 2017

Armed robbers got away with a significant sum in coins while robbing cash transit van outside an Auckland bank on Thursday night, police say.

Police believe the hit on the cash-in-transit van may be linked to the robberies of two others in recent weeks.

Two men with firearms held up the van outside the ASB Bank in Mt Wellington at about 5.30pm on Thursday.

A third man was driving a stolen car which was later dumped.

Police are asking people to watch out for anyone buying things with large amounts of coins.

"People don't generally buy 40 dollars worth of McDonald's with one dollar coins and that sort of activity would certainly be something we are interested in," Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe said.

The two armed men are described as being Pacific Islanders between the age of 18 to 25 and the driver as being having a big build and being over 6ft tall.

The stolen car is now being forensically examined.