'Give us enough resources so we can cater for the growth'

9:49 am on 22 April 2017

Auckland mayor Phil Goff says he hopes proposed changes to immigration rules might slow the rate of growth of the city.

Auckland harbour

Photo: 123RF

The raft of changes would control and tighten immigration numbers.

Mr Goff said although he is pro-immigration he has called for less work visas to be issued while housing and transport were under pressure.

Phil Goff announcing Bill Cashmore as Deputy Mayor

Auckland mayor Phil Goff Photo: RNZ / Tom Furley

And he said that while he hoped the government's plans would ease the flow of people moving to the city - where almost three quarters of the county's immigrants settle, it still needed to do more.

"Don't give us the population without the infrastructure to support that population.

"Give us enough resources so we can cater for the growth in Auckland rather than saying 'lets stop that growth altogether'.

"Because New Zealand needs an international city like Auckland that can compete with other cities across Australasia and across the world."

He said he hoped the government had done its homework and the immigration changes would work.

Mr Goff said he would not be making a submission on the government's proposals, as ministers knew his views.

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