24 May 2010

Education easiest uni subject to pass, research suggests

7:50 pm on 24 May 2010

New research suggests the easiest subject to pass at university is education.

First year university students with the lowest performance in level three of the NCEA compared with their peers have a 75% chance of passing most of their courses if they study education. That figure drops to just 10% if they study sciences.

Though the Ministry of Education research says some subjects might be easier than others, teacher educators say other factors are at play.

They say teacher education courses model good teaching practice and pastoral care and selection interviews are likely to ensure that their students have an aptitude for the subject.

Massey University's professor of teacher education John O'Neill says other subjects are likely to copy teacher education as government performance measures based on student pass rates take effect.

The research's findings are likely to be of interest to the Teachers Council, which is conducting a review of teacher education.